Waste Haste?

Energy from Waste is on the rise again. I recall many moons ago publicizing the innovative Wakefield Waste-Derived-Fuel plant. Now London and others are following suit decades later, incinerating non-recyclable wastes in incinerators with waste heat capture. This is certainly done on the continent and conceivably lower carbon than landfill sites and WRAP have givenContinue reading “Waste Haste?”

Local Electricity Bill Campaign Update

Nearly 50% of the House now back the bill. It doesn’t matterwhat Party your MP represents. We need their support to reach50% .Let’s hold Greg Hands, Minister for Energy, to his words. He toldthe House that he and the government ‘support the broadintentions of the Bill’‘Power for People‘ who drafted the bill and head upContinue reading “Local Electricity Bill Campaign Update”

The War in Ukraine makes alleviating the Triple Energy Crisis even more urgent

Renewables are the only way forward The Renewable Route out of our Triple Energy Crisis: Decarbonisation, Affordability and Security in 2022 Britain There exists an urgent need for progressives to determine and pursue a local green path out of our current Triple Energy Crisis.  We need affordable, sustainable and secure green energy  – yesterday. Britain isContinue reading “The War in Ukraine makes alleviating the Triple Energy Crisis even more urgent”

Triple Energy Crisis

We are right in the middle of a Triple Energy Crisis: Price, Security andCarbon Emissions.Last October energy prices multiplied the numbers of familieschoosing between food and bills. Millions, it’s widely believed, will bepushed into Fuel Poverty this April, despite Sunak’s support, by anenergy bill rise of nearly £700.Big energy companies enjoy record profits. But low-incomeContinue reading “Triple Energy Crisis”