Local Electricity Bill Campaign Update

Nearly 50% of the House now back the bill. It doesn’t matter
what Party your MP represents. We need their support to reach
50% .
Let’s hold Greg Hands, Minister for Energy, to his words. He told
the House that he and the government ‘support the broad
intentions of the Bill’
Power for People‘ who drafted the bill and head up the campaign
report that Energy Dept. staff are to work with them on the Bill.
Steve asks that we should make Hands ‘ walk the talk’ and
carry-on lobbying for more MP support.
Uk2zero will certainly be asking the Minister about work he
and his staff are doing on the Bill.

Beyond the Local Electricity Bill

Continued Russian aggression against Ukraine intensifies
UK concern over present and future energy security.
Johnson talks of mega wind farms , loans for heat pumps,
dodgy deals with dictators of the Middle East.

We say heat and power are two distinct commodities: –

We say power-up with diverse mixes of locally available
renewables: geothermal, hydro, marine, solar, wind,
low carbon industrial waste combustion; or use waste industrial
heat to power systems for weather-proof generation
distributed in interconnected local grids. All limit damaging disruptions.

Save heat loss via sustainable building design, using both manufactured and
living green insulation, plus recycled. Harness waste heat from
coal mines, underground train and sewer tunnels. Produce it
by non-recyclable waste, low carbon processed sewerage and
wood biomass combustion. Distribute it via local District Heating

Read our Local Renewable Heat and Power for Britain
discussion paper – out very soon!

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