Labour launches 2023 National Policy Forum Consultation

The 2023 Labour policy consultations have just opened, and there are some important changes this year.

The consultation period opened on 30th January and will close on 17th March. All submissions must be completed and posted to the NPF website by then.

Submissions to the National Policy Forum can be made only by CLPs and branches, so if you’re a member of the Labour Party, contact your branch secretary to find out more and how to make a contribution.

This year each CLP and branch is allowed to make only 1 submission to each of the 6 policy Commissions (but these can include more than 1 topic).

This will be the final consultation before the next general election and will inform the Clause V committee which will draft the Labour Manifesto.

The 6 policy Commissions have each issued a topic and a set of points or questions, which may be used to structure the submission, but are not intended to shape the content. It is the responsibility of the CLP to put clearly the views and priorities of its members.

UKtoZero has been working on three submissions and our sister Climate Justice working group on two. Details to follow.

You can find details of the six commissions and further information on the Labour Party website here.

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