Meeting 02/07/2022 with Dr Chris Golightly on Offshore Wind Energy

On 2nd July Geotechnical & Engineering Geology consultant Chris Golightly gave an excellent, detailed and authoritative presentation on current deployments of offshore wind generation and its potential contribution to a green transition. He began by demonstrating the huge gap between the emissions reductions necessary for us to keep global temperatures below 1.5oC, and current trajectories, which if continued are likely to take us to 3oC or above. Chris explained the potential contribution of offshore wind to reducing that gap. With maps showing the global ‘hotspots’ for offshore wind generation he clearly demonstrated how well positioned the UK is to benefit from this form of energy. Chris’s explanation of the main types of installation currently deployed was illustrated with examples. Finally he discussed issues of maintenance and energy storage and distribution, concluding his stimulating presentation with some suggestions about the economic imperatives and the likely future direction of the industry.

Chris’s presentation was followed by an opportunity for questions and further discussion.

You can see Dr Golightly’s presentation below: